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Latest Projects

Project | 01
Buguri Community Library

In collaboration with Hasiru Dala, this project was with the young people from the waste-picker and hair-picker communities in Mysore. The project aimed at giving the young people the space to engage with their community, thus discovering their dreams and aspirations for themselves and their community.

Project | 02
Stepping Stones Centre

Working with children on the autistic spectrum, Aakaara conceptualised and designed a sensory journey through the forest, introducing the various sensory elements in a forest to the children.

Project | 03
Theatre Professionals Education

As part of the monthly Drama-in-Education Jams run by Theatre Professionals Education in Bangalore, we conceptualized and designed a process-drama session exploring the importance of mental health for facilitators and teachers. We explored different ways mental health can affect an individual personally as well as professionally and the ways in which one can think about self-care in their daily life.

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