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Who We Are

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We are a Bangalore-based inclusive applied theatre organisation who focus on working with people from the corporate sector. We also work with marginalised communities and people with disabilities.


We aim to transform lives. Our work uses theatre to bring people together to break barriers and engage people in the process of personal, social and organisational change.


We believe in the transformational powers of theatre and the arts, that helps in giving people a voice and a safe platform on which to express themselves.


While we have pre-designed programmes, our work is also bespoke and is built for and with our clients.


Being inclusive is at the heart of our work. Age, ethnicity, social class, ability and gender are no barriers to our work


We work with people regardless of their abilities and strive to push barriers, enabling our participants to discover more about themselves in the process.


Accept, explore and experience change. We involve our participants in the process and processing of change.

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