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Theatre has the power to transform lives. We at Aakaara believe in the power theatre has to create personal and social change. We bring in exclusive applied theatre tools such as process drama, theatre of the oppressed and puppets as tools to create change. Our workshops will aim to work with people and explore issues that are relevant to them. We can create bespoke programmes, keeping in mind our participants and their realities. 

We have worked with many groups and organisations, including:

  • Schools

  • Prisons

  • Young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD)

  • Young people with autism

  • Marginalised communities, such as the waste-picker community in Mysore

  • Refugees

  • Spastics Society of Karnataka

  • Buguri Community Library by Hasiru Dala, Mysore

  • Stepping Stones Centre, Bangalore

  • Saandeepani Academy for Excellence, Bangalore

  • National Health Services (UK)

  • Baytree Centre (UK)

  • Women for Refugee Women (UK)

At the heart of our projects is the desire to improve lives through access to inclusive creative practice, giving a voice to those who are often unheard, and in doing so, allowing them to become changemakers for real inclusion in society.

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