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We help corporates with drama-based training programmes that build a more sensitive, capable and motivated workforce. Our team has over a decade's experience in using drama for learning and development using exciting, creative and innovative methods.

What is drama-based corporate training?

An Experiential Change Management Tool

While role-play is a tool popularly employed by many corporate trainers, we adopt a much broader approach to training. A drama-based training (DBT) approach is an experiential change management tool. It enables the trainees to identify, challenge and eventually change behaviours in the workplace. 

How does drama-based training work?

Safe, Energetic and Engaging

The integration of theatre in education and training is proven to accelerate learning, build motivation and aid in building empathy, confidence and communication skills. 

We strive to create a safe and energetic space that encourages engagement and participation, opening up their minds to the possibilities of growth and change in a fun-filled space.

Our USP is using puppets, masks and everyday objects, among other things, as tools to facilitate our sessions with our participants.

Our sessions allow trainees to engage with questions and scenarios that are relevant to their work environment, thus enabling trainees to explore and practice new behaviours and experience how these changes would benefit them and their organisation.

Impacts of drama-based training

Unique. Perspectives. Real. Trust. Self-belief. Motivation. Confidence. Communication. Team-spirit. Collaborative.

Need we say more? A drama-based training for your employees or senior management team would be the perfect way to break barriers and promote a healthy work environment.

Who do we work with?

Corporates. Health care. Education.

We run training programmes for the corporate sector, education sector as well as the health care sector. Our workshops will cater to the unique needs of the participants we work with and will be result-oriented, while giving importance to the process. 

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